Low Maintenance Landscaping For A Formal Garden and Lawn

Most homeowners look out for low-maintenance landscaping, and MPG Landscaping and Maintenance have the finest resources to come up with budget garden and landscape design ideas for creating low-maintenance outdoor areas. To fulfil the demands for budget-friendly maintenance and general landscaping, here is what we plan on:

a) Artificial Grass Installation on Lawn Creating A Surreal Landscape Design 

Natural lawn maintenance is extremely cost-intensive as it is the most high-maintenance lawn or garden task. It needs regular mowing, fertilizing, weeding and regular watering. Evidently, artificial grass has replaced the heavy-duty task. Little maintenance and sweeping leaves are the best upkeep for artificial turf. We install artificial turf on your garden or lawn to save money on watering and all other costs associated with natural lawn maintenance. Moreover, several homeowners invest in turf installation for a neat landscape design as well as for budget-friendly maintenance and general landscaping.

b) Slow Growing Native Plants Plantation and River Pebbles Placement: Landscape Design That Supports Native Ecosystem 

Native plants need little watering, even during summer. Since they are slow-growing, and blend into the local environment, so regular pruning can be eliminated to maintain a neat landscape design. We use river pebbles of varied sizes and colours. With such themes, we plan a low-cost garden design, and plant trees and shrubs suitable to the garden. We prioritize soil condition and garden location. Only after conditioning the soil, lay the river pebbles. It is one of the favourite maintenance and general landscaping preferred for the charm the native flowers create!

c) Integrate Automatic Drip Irrigation Systems Installation In Landscape Design

In place of garden sprinklers, Automatic Drip Irrigation System installation in the landscape design ensures only the part to be watered is watered. That is to say, the plant roots are rightly watered at the right time of the day. We use the latest drip irrigation controllers and tubing to save money and time. We can say, that installing Automatic Drip Irrigation System through focused watering eases out maintenance and general landscaping for your lawn.

d) Outdoor Water Features For A Vibrant Landscape Design

By implementing practical landscape design principles, we install water features like garden fish ponds and statues. We select the pumps that have no sponge filters but contain biofilters so that algae is dramatically reduced. Further, it saves the hassles of regular manual cleaning. Further, we can build low-maintenance garden water features like concrete fish ponds with waterfalls for relaxing outdoor living.

Would you love to own a low-maintenance landscape? Then this is the time to get in touch with us and start following our maintenance and general landscaping ideas.

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