About Us

About Us

Jean Claude is the proud owner of MPG Landscaping and Maintenance. As the owner, she is offering personalized services, perfectly tailored to the property and its needs. Jean is equally passionate about creating auspicious gardens for clients since she is eager about spending time outdoors and seeking an escapade tale in the garden.

 As a family-owned and operated landscaping and gardening business, MPG Landscaping and Maintenance is offering fully qualified and professional outdoor beautification services throughout Limestone Coast, which are 

  • Landscaping
  • Paving
  • Walls Constructions and Retention
  • Maintenance of Lawns, Gardens and Hedges
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Artificial Turf Installation to Create An Instant Lawn

Since our company formation, we have focussed on achieving the long-term goal of delivering full-suite professional landscaping services. Our landscapers are careful of attention to detail and are equally passionate about delivering a spellbound landscaping project .whether it is a large commercial agreement or a small residential garden or lawn project.

MPG Landscaping and Maintenance excels at providing specialist landscaping with a special focus on natural turf and irrigation installation. Starting from the initial planning stages to lawn installation, paving or fencing and completion we endeavour to provide first-class, affordable service which exceeds expectations.

We have experienced and highly trained professional landscapers and gardeners to handle all size projects for commercial and domestic fulfilment. We treat every project equally. Hence we have 10 year of guarantee on our services as we use quality materials.

Consultation is the first step to our personalized services, and then we proceed to designing and processing. We are providing free consultation along with an optimized service quote supported by a basic sketch design. This is how our clients can know where they are spending money for owning a fantastic garden.

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