Lawn Maintenance For A Year-Round Healthy Lawn

Lawn maintenance services as fulfilled by MPG Landscaping and Maintenance are more than just lawn trimming and keeping the lawn neat. We clip off just the grass blade tips to change the photosynthesizing process in the plant to create a stronger and healthier lawn. By following the appropriate lawn care maintenance protocols and mowing lengths based on grass type, we ensure your lawn is as brighter than previous.

Lawn Mowing and Edging

Our efficient team is ardent at the very details of high-quality lawn mowing to maintain a strong and healthy lawn. By using our own lawn mower, we trim your lawn edges for the lawn to achieve a clean finish. The lawn is sure to become stronger and healthier with regular lawn maintenance solutions.

Weeding and Spraying

Unattractive weeds ruin the lawn's appearance. To save your lawns from weeds, continuous spraying is necessary which we provide through our lawn maintenance services. We spray the weeds regularly for reducing and potentially remove a chunk of unwanted weeds.

Trimming And Hedging

Trimmed hedges and shrubs keep the lawn in good shape while promoting dense and healthier growth. By trimming the lawn shrub and maintaining hedges at least 3 to 4 times annually, our trained team maintains a lawn that others might envy. Trimming and hedging ought to be done from the spring months onwards for neat lawn maintenance.

Get in touch with us for our lawn maintenance services. We assure you shall get back valuable returns on investment.

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