How To Maintain Your Garden In The Spring Season?

How To Maintain Your Garden In The Spring Season?
28 Aug 2023


As the winter in Australia starts to move away, the feeling of spring is now knocking on the door. Soon the beautiful months of spring will begin with that a lot of things will change. The dry weather will go away and pave the way for new green plants and new harvests to begin. With that, the way you take care of your garden will also need some amends. These are some general landscaping maintenance changes that can help improve the appearance of your garden especially in the spring and upcoming summer months. Let’s look at how you can change your general maintenance pattern to keep up the splendid appearance of your landscaping:

Take Care Of The Flowerbed:

The flowerbeds that you want to cover the perimeter of your house or the sides of your boundary, then it need a little bit more care. As part of the general maintenance of your landscaping, you should clean the flowerbed from the accumulated winter mulch and dried foliage needs to be cut down. This will help you maintain your flowerbed and help you grow some colourful flowers and fresh vegetables and herbs. 

Prune Your Trees & Shrubs:

If you did not prune your fruit trees throughout the winter, now is the time to do so. Pruning before the buds break into the flower can stress the tree and result in a little yield (or none at all). It's also a good time to cut summer-blooming trees and shrubs, right before new growth emerges. This is a little part of your spring general maintenance of your landscaping.

Test The Soil:

After the dry spell of winter is over, the moisture from the soil goes away. This affects the quality of plants that will grow on it. Thus, when the winter season is over before you start planting plants for the summer season, it is important to test the quality of soil. It will help you enhance your landscaping and improve your general maintenance routine.

Give Your Soil Some Help:

After you do the soil test and determine that there is a decrease in the quality of your soil, maybe due to a shortage of nutrients or organic components, you must compensate for it. If your soil is naturally alkaline, you may need to sprinkle aluminium sulphate around your evergreens and acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas. Topdressing the soil with an inch or two of compost, humus and/or manure in early spring, just as or as your bulbs begin to emerge, is an excellent general practice. Earthworms and other garden critters will perform the work of breaking down these organic materials for you.

These are some of the general landscaping maintenance practices that you can conduct as spring starts to approach. It will help you get your garden all prepared and ready for the upcoming warmer months and it will help your garden to thrive.

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